Fusilli with Zucchini and Tomatoes

A big challenge for any mom is to make interesting,versatile, kids friendly and healthy meal for kids tiffin box.

My kids are very fond of pasta. Few days back, I made this fusilli pasta with zucchini and tomatoes.

It was very colourful to look at, healthy and very tasty. And my kids loved it:)


Fusilli pasta – 2 cups
Sliced zucchini – 2 cups
Chopped tomatoes – 2 cups
Garlic – 10-12 cloves
Basil leaves – 10-12
Olive oil – 2 tbsps
Pepper powder – 1 tsp
Parmesan cheese powder- 3 tbsps
Salt to taste.


Boil 6-7 cups of water in a pan. When it starts boiling, add a tsp is salt and the fusilli.
Cook till the pasta is just cooked. Drain the pasta and keep it aside. Reserve 1/2 to 3/4th cup of drained water.

Heat oil in a pan. Crush the the garlic and add to the hot oil. Sauté till turns golden and then add the sliced zucchini. Sauté fie few mins and then add the chopped tomatoes.
Continue to sauté till the vegetables are just cooked ( do not over cook the vegetables). Add salt to taste and pepper. Mix and sauté for few seconds.


Now add the cooked pasta and the reserved water. Mix well and sauté for a min. Check for the seasonings.

Add some chopped basil leaves and parmesan cheese powder and mix well.
Sauté for few more mins.


Garnish the pasta with little parmesan cheese powder and basil leaves and serve the pasta hot 🙂