Beetroot Idiyappam

To make Beetroot Idiyappam had been in my mind for a long time. Finally, I made it few days back for breakfast. It’s the usual idiyappam recipe only. I just added boiled beetroot purée to the rice flour. There was not much change in the flavour, but it certainly enhances the nutritive value of the dish and importantly, it gave a such a beautiful colour to the idiyappam.
Idiyappam was beautiful peach coloured and the texture was melt in mouth, just the way it has to be. (If one wants darker colour, more purée could be added).
I was very happy with my idea and my family enjoyed the hot idiyappam with mango morekhuzhambu:)

Processed rice flour – 2 cups
Boiled beetroot purée – 3+1/2 tbsps
Water – 3+1/2 – 3+3/4th cup
Salt to taste
Oil – 2 tsps
Add rice flour, salt to taste and boiled beetroot purée in a mixing bowl.
Heat water in a pan.
Grease the idli plate( or idiyappam plate) with little oil.
Grease the idiyappam press also with little oil and keep it ready.
When the water starts boiling vigorously, add it to the flour little by little while stirring continuously.
Take care as boiling water is being used.
A sticky dough will be formed. Grease your hand with very little oil and make a ball with the dough.
Fill the idiyappam press with the dough and press as strings on the greased idli plates.
Arrange all the plates on the idli stand and steam in a cooker or steamer for 15 mins.
After 15 mins, switch off the flames. Allow the steam to subside. Remove the idli plates from the cooker and gently transfer the steamed idiyappam to a plate.
Serve the Idiyappam hot with stew/ kurma/ Morekhuzhambu.
My family enjoyed this beetroot idiyappam with mango morekhuzhambu:)

I came across a very interesting article on health benefit of beetroot. I am sharing the link below. Do check.

Beetroot Juice and Blood Pressure: A Study Funded By The British Heart Foundations.