Packed lunch/ Lunch box

Packed lunch should be healthy, wholesome, interesting and versatile.That is why is quite challenging specially while giving packed lunch to children.
Lunch should provide the individual with one third ( 1/3rd) of the day’s nutrition requirements.

Few points to keep in mind while planning packed lunch

1. Age factor
2. Personal preference
3. Ease of carrying and eating
4. Dry, semi dry and non messy food should be packed to avoid spills while carrying and eating.
5. If any liquid preparations are given, it should be given in leak proof containers and packed separately in plastic/ zip lock bags.
6. Food that would taste good even at room temperature should be given.

Sandwiches, Chapati rolls, Mixed rice preparations, Stuffed parathas, Pasta with vegetables, Idli, Othappam are few dishes which are ideal for packed lunches.

Fruits, Cheese cubes, Cut salad vegetables, Dry fruits, Ladoo, Chikki, Chakli, Chivda, Murukku etc can be given for snack break instead of biscuits and chips.