Menu planning for fussy eaters

Most of the children are fussy eaters. As they grow up, they become more independent about choosing their food.
But it’s important that they eat all varieties of food to meet the nutritional requirements.

Few points to encourage them to eat all varieties of food :

1. Be a role model.
2. Discuss with them while planning the menu.
3. Take them along with you while shopping for groceries and vegetable market. Talk to them about the food we eat.
4. Encourage them to cook simple recipes with your guidance.
5. Appreciate them when they make healthy choices.
6. Stock nutritious and healthy snacks at home, like fruits, dry fruits, roasted peanuts and chikki etc.
7. Plan a menu which provide variety in colour, texture, flavour and taste to make it interesting.
8. Children are generally reluctant to eat many vegetables. Add those vegetables in paratha , sandwiches, Othappam, cutlets etc.
9. Last but not the least, eat together as a family.