Schezwan Noodles

Schezwan Noodles is our family favourite since all of us like spicy food.
I had promised to make schezwan noodles for dinner yesterday. But I couldn’t manage to go shopping for Hakka Noodles. I have used maggie noodles instead.
Sharing with you all a yummy recipe which could be made in a jiffy:)



Maggie noodles- 4 packets
Sesame oil- 4 tbsps
Capsicum-1 big
Carrots- 2
Spring onions- 6 bulbs
Cabbage- 100 gms
Garlic- 10 pods
Chilli garlic sauce- 3 tsps
Soya sauce- 3 tsps
Vinegar- 1 tsp
Sugar- 1 tsp
Kashmiri chilli powder- 1 tsp
Pepper powder- 1 tsp
Salt to taste.


Cut capsicum, carrot and cabbage into thin strips. Chop spring onions.
Crush and chop garlic.


Heat water in a big vessel.
To the boiling water, add little oil and noodles.
Cook for few mins.
Noodles should not become very soft. When pressed it should break.
Drain the noodles and wash well in cold water( this will stop further cooking of the noodles) and drain again. Keep it aside for 10 mins.
After the water is completely drained, transfer the noodles to a big plate or bowl. Add a tbsp of oil to the noodles and toss gently so that it’s coated with oil and noodles remain separate.


Heat rest of the oil in a heavy bottom pan.
To the hot oil, add garlic.
When the garlic becomes golden, add spring onions. Sauté for a min on a high flame.
Add carrots, sauté for a min and them add capsicum and sauté for 1 more min. Now add cabbage, mix well and sauté on a high flame for few mins.
Ensure that the vegetables are just cooked and remains crisp.

Reduce the flame, add chilli powder, salt to taste, sugar, pepper powder. Cook for a min.
Add chilli garlic sauce, soya sauce and vinegar. Mix well and cook for a min.


Add the noodles now. Toss gently with the vegetables on a high flame for a min.


Transfer to a serving dish, garnish with spring onion leaves and serve hot:)