Papaya Punch

It’s summer now and it’s very important to keep the body cool and hydrated. What could be better than healthy and delicious chilled fruit juices, mocktails, punches etc.
Today I have made Papaya Punch.

Fruit punch is a blend of different fruit juices.

There are many recipes for fruit punch, but you can create your own too. Basic understanding of blending the flavour and texture will be helpful to make your own recipe.
I have used papaya as the main fruit today. Added apple to give the sweetness, orange and lemon for the required punch:) 

Chopped ripe papaya- 11/2 cups
Chopped apple- 1 cup
Orange – 1
Lemon- 1
Dry ginger powder- 1/4th tsp
Honey – 1 tbsp
Sugar – 4 tsps
Ice cubes as required.
Mint leaves for garnish


Cut the lemon and squeeze the juice.
Peel the orange, remove the pith and seeds from the segments.
Add all the ingredients in a blender. Add water and blend to a smooth juice.
Strain the juice. Check for sugar. If needed add more. Chill till required to serve.
To serve
Take a serving glass. Add some ice cubes. Pour the juice, garnish with some fruit slices and mint leaves and serve immediately:)


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