Mango Mocktail 

Chennai’s weather for the past two days has been a pleasant surprise. It’s just warm. Still, I was in a mood for a mocktail. With whatever I had in my kitchen, I have created this recipe:) I thoroughly enjoyed making this and I hope you would all enjoy this recipe:)


Chopped mangoes- 1 1/2 cups
Strawberry crush- 6 tbsps
Ice cubes- 25-30
Sugar- 4 tsps
Red chilli flakes- little
Soda water-  2 cups
Blend the mangoes, sugar, red chilli flakes and some ice cubes to a smooth purée.
Take a tall glass. First add the strawberry crush. Let it drip through the sides of the glass. Add some ice cubes.
 Now add some mango purée. Add little strawberry crush and top it with some more mango purée till the glass is just 3/4th filled.
Now pour the soda till the brim. Stir it once with a gentle hand. Sprinkle some red chilli flakes and serve immediately:)