Javarisi Payasam

Sago is known as Javarisi in Tamil and sabudhana in Hindi.
Javarisi payasam is one my most favourite and my mom used to make for me on my birthday every year:)

Today is my bday and I had this sudden desire to have this payasam.

It very easy to make and too delicious. Sharing with you all one of very favourite recipe and I hope you all would like it:)

Javarisi ( sago/ sabudhana) – 1 cup

Full cream milk – 2 litres

Condensed milk – 1 tin

Cardamom evaporated milk – 2 tins

Sugar – 4 tbsps


Wash and soak Javarisi for 3-4 hours,

Drain the water completely.

In a heavy bottom pan, add the soaked Javarisi and the milk. Cook on a medium flame, till the Javarisi is cooked well.

Add the condensed milk, evaporated milk and sugar. Mix well and for some more time till the payasam becomes creamy and slightly thick:)

Serve the payasam warm or chilled:)