Gujarati Kadhi

Kadhi, a very traditional and popular Indian dish is a yogurt based gravy which is thickened using gram flour. Every region has its own recipe for this dish.

Gujarati kadhi and Punjabi are very popular varieties of kadhi. Gujarati kadhi is mildly sweet as sugar is added in this recipe.

My family is very fond of Gujarati Kadhi specially when it is served with hot khichdi. We have enjoyed having kadhi with khichdi many times during our stay in Muscat.

I made this at home for lunch yesterday and served it with spicy khichdi. My family loved it and I hope you all would like it too:)



Yogurt – 1+1/2 cups
Besan ( Bengal gram flour/ kadala maavu) – 2 tbsps
Water – 2+1/2 cups
Turmeric powder – 1/4th tsp
Green chilli paste – 1 tsp
Ginger paste – 1/2 tsp
Sugar – 2 tbsps
Salt to taste
Chopped coriander leaves – 2 tbsps

For tempering
Oil/ ghee – 2 tsps
Mustard – 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds ( jeera) – 1/2 tsp
Red chillies – 3-4
Hing( asafoetida/ perungayam) – 1/4th tsp
Curry leaves – few


Add besan, yoghurt and water in a pan and mix well till there are no lumps and it becomes a smooth mixture.

Add salt to taste, sugar, green chilli and ginger paste , turmeric powder and mix well again. Check for the seasonings and let it cook on a medium flame till it starts boiling. Keep stirring while looking to avoid lump formation.

Do not cook on high flame as the yogurt might curdle.


Heat oil or ghee in a pan. Add mustard. When it starts spluttering, add cumin seeds , red chillies, hing and curry leaves. Sauté for few seconds and add the tempering to the khadi.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with khichdi / steamed rice:)