Goan Drumstick Curry

Drumsticks are used in many traditional south Indian recipes like sambar, kara kuzhambu, avial, rasam and soups. Drumstick leaves are used to make poriyal, adai etc. It has a very unique flavour, but blends very well in all recipes. I came across a very interesting drumstick recipe from Goan cuisine in Pinterest. It was very easy to make and required only the basic ingredients which are available in all south Indian homes. I had made this at home for lunch few weeks back. It was absolutely delicious and yummy that I had to share this recipe with you all. Next time when you buy drumstick, do try this one. Trust me when I say that you will start making this dish more often at home.

Drumsticks and drumsticks leaves (moringa) are super nutritious, very rich in iron, calcium and fibre. Moringa is being considered as a functional food as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Antioxidants present in drumsticks helps to lower blood sugar level and blood pressure level. Hundred grams of edible portion of drumsticks have almost 9 gms pf protein making it a good vegetarian protein source. It is low in carbohydrate, fat and calories.

Preparation time30 mins
Cooking time30 mins
CuisineSouth Indian
AuthorAnuradha Balasubramanian
Key wordsDrumstick, Goan recipes, vegan recipes


Tuvar dal½ cup
Onion (medium sized)2
Coriander seeds1 and 1/2 tbsp
Red chilli5
Whole pepper1 tsp
Coconut (grated)5 tbsps
Turmeric powder½ tsp
Kashmiri red chilli powder1 tsp
TamarindLemon sized
Jaggery2 tsps
Sesame oil1 tbsp
Mustard1 tsp
Cumin seeds1 tsp
Curry leaves2 sprigs
Salt1 tsp (or to taste)
Chopped coriander leaves2 tbsps
Tender coconut water (optional)½ cup


  1. Wash and soak tuvar dal for 30 mins.
  2. Peel, wash and chop onions.
  3. Wash and chop drumsticks and tomatoes.
  4. Drain the soaked tuvar dal and transfer to a vessel. Add 1 cup of water, turmeric powder and tomatoes.
  5. Keep the vessel inside the pressure cooker, close it with a lid.
  6. Keep chopped drumsticks on a colander steamer and place it on the lid.
  7. Pressure cook both dal and drumstick for 3 whistles.
  8. To a mixer jar, add coriander seeds, red chillies, whole pepper, coconut, turmeric powder, half of the chopped onions, Kashmiri chilli powder, tamarind, jaggery and tender coconut water. ( or plain water).
  9. Grind everything to a smooth paste.
  10. Heat a kadai or a pan. Add sesame oil.
  11. Once the oil heats up, add mustard.
  12. When the mustard starts to splutter, add cumin seeds and curry leaves.
  13. Add the remaining chopped onions and salt to taste and saute till the onions turn pink.
  14. Now add the ground masala paste and saute for few mins
  15. Add 1 cup of water, mix well and let it cook for few mins.
  16. Add the cooked dal and drumsticks, mix well again and continue to simmer for few more mins.
  17. Add chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with steamed rice drizzled with some melted ghee.
Delicious drumstick recipe, very easy to make and very nutritious. A must try recipe for all those who love drumsticks.

Nutritive value of Drumsticks (100 gms)

Energy/ calories64 kcal
Protein9.4 gms
Fat1.4 gms
Fibre2 gms
Iron4 mg
Calcium185 mg
Magnesium147 mg
source- ICMR