Dahi Cucumber Poha

During summer, most of us become less inclined to do any elaborate cooking. Sometimes eating too would feel like an ordeal. It is ideal to eat food that can be made quickly, easy to digest, hydrating and that which soothe the palate. Dahi poha will certainly meet all these criteria. Not only that, it is rich in protein, fibre and iron. Few days back, I made this healthy breakfast at home. We need only very simple and basic ingredients to cook this dish.

Rice flakes is known as poha in hindi and aval in tamil and Dahi is curd. Rice flakes are rich source of iron and easy to digest. It does not need much cooking time. Dahi/ curd is a complete protein source for vegetarians, rich in calcium and probiotics. Cucumber is the best vegetable for summer as it rich in fibre, water and it is alkaline in nature.


Poha ( thick variety)1&1/2 cups
Curd1 cup
Cucumber2 (medium sized)
Onion1 (medium sized)
Green chilli1
Ginger1 inch
Curry leaves2 sprigs
Coconut oil1 tbsp
Mustard1 tsp
Split urad dal1 tsp
Chana dal1 tsp
Roasted peanuts2 tbsps`
Salt1&1/4th tsp ( or to taste)
Preparation time10 mins
Soaking time10 mins
Cooking time10 mins
Serving size4
CuisineSouth Indian
AuthorAnuradha Balasubramanian
Key wordsPoha, cucumber, breakfast


  1. Wash poha well. Drain and add 1/4th cup water to it. Cover and let it soak for 10 mins.
  2. Wash, peel and chop onion, cucumber and ginger. Wash and slit green chilli.
  3. Beat the curd well till it becomes smooth. Add 1/4th cup water, mix well and keep it aside.
  4. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds.
  5. Once it starts to splutter, add urad dal, chana dal and peanuts. Saute till it turns golden.
  6. Add green chilli, curry leaves and chopped ginger. Continue to saute and add chopped onion.
  7. Add ½ tsp of salt and saute till onion turns pink and translucent.
  8. Fluff the soaked poha gently with a fork, add the remaining salt and mix it well.
  9. Add the poha to the pan, mix well, cover the pan with a lid, simmer the gas and cook for 2-3 mins.
  10. Take the pan off the gas, add the beaten curd and mix well. Cover the pan again and let it rest for 5 mins.

Now, add the chopped cucumber, mix well and serve the poha with some pickle and papad.

Nutritive value per serving

Energy300 kcal
Carbohydrate47 gms


  1. If thin rice flakes(poha) are used, then do not soak it. Just wash the poha and let it sit in the colander for few mins.
  2. Along with cucumber, other vegetables like carrot, tomato can also be used.