Vazhaikai Podimas

Vazhaikai Podimas is a delicacy from Tamil Brahmins cuisine. It is a simple recipe made with simple and easily available ingredients at home.

The trick in making perfect vazhaikai podimas lies in selection of the right kind of raw banana and cooking the banana. Raw banana should be firm and hard and not the tender variety and it should not become too soft after boiling. The simple dish can go wrong if these two steps are not followed. This dish is one of my most favourite one and goes very well with our soul food, hot rasam sadham ( rasam rice).

I am very excited to share with you all the recipe of this simple, traditional and my most favourite dish from our cuisine:)


Raw banana- 1 medium sized

Coconut- 1/4th cup

Lemon juice – 1/4th tsp

Slit Green chillies- 4

Chopped ginger- 1 tsp

Mustard- 3/4th tsp

Urad dal- 1 tsp

Chana dal – 1 tsp

Curry leaves- 2 sprigs

Asafoetida- 1/4th tsp

Salt to taste

Coconut oil – 1 tbsp


1. Boil the raw banana till it is just cooked. It should not become very soft.

2. Cool, peel and grate the banana.

3. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard.

4. When it starts spluttering, add urad dal, chana dal, green chillies, curry leaves, ginger and asafoetida. Sauté for few mins.

5. Add the grated banana and salt to taste and mix well.

6. Sauté for few mins. Turn off the gas, then add grated coconut and lemon juice and mix well.

7. Vazhaikai podimas is ready to be served:)