Protein Rich Sabudana Khichadi

Sabudana khichadi is a very popular dish from Maharashtrian cuisine and my personal favourite too.

Sabudana, known as sago in English and javarisi in Tamizh is not a grain, but is made out of tapioca.Tapioca is known as kappa kezhangu in Tamizh. It is rich in carbohydrates and is easily digestible. So it can be given to all age groups, from infants to aged people. Since it is not a grain and is light on the stomach, sabudana is generally consumed during fasting days.

Sabudana is a very poor source of protein, hence can be included generously in the diet of people who needs to restrict their protein intake, like people with kidney problems. I have made this khichadi protein rich by adding moong sprouts and peanut powder. Sprouts are very good source of vitamins, especially Vitamin C, minerals and also fibre. Sabudana khichadi, though easy to make, can become sticky many a times. Consistency of sabudana khichadi is very important as sticky sabudana khichadi do not taste good at all. I have shared all the tips and tricks that I have learnt through the years here. Hope it would be of help to all of you.?


Soaked sabudana- 3 cups

Peeled and chopped potato- 1 cup

Chopped capsicum – 1 cup

Moong sprouts – 1 cup

Roasted peanuts powder- 1 cup

Green chillies- 4

Curry leaves – 2 sprigs

Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder- 1 tsp

Cumin – 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Sesame oil- 2 tbsps


Wash the sabudana well and soak it for 3 hours. Drain the water, add fresh water and again soak for 4-5 hours. Drain completely and refrigerate it overnight or few hours so that all the moisture dries up.

Heat oil in a pan. Add the cumin seeds. Once it starts spluttering, add green chillies and curry leaves and sauté for few seconds.

Add chopped potato, salt to taste, turmeric and red chilli powder and mix well. Add 2 tbsps of water, mix again, cover and cook till the potatoes become just tender. Do not over cook the potatoes.

Add chopped capsicum and moong sprouts, mix well, cover the pan and cook for few mins.Grind the roasted peanuts to a coarse powder.

Once the vegetables are cooked, add the soaked sabudana and mix well. Add salt as required and mix again. Cover the pan and cook till the sabudana turns transparent.

Now, add the coarse peanut powder and mix gently till it coats the sabudana well.Turn off the gas, add lemon juice, mix well, garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve.

Check here for the video link of this dish?